Company Profile

Cirkom is an independant engineering company. The company was founded in year 2000 by a group of engineers with a background in the pharmaceutical industry. Cirkom is now a dynamic and independent provider of automation solutions for process automation.

We know that success requires business sense, project management and technical skills, and considers all elements of great importance in our way of working. Cirkom is innovative and growing business, and constantly looking for experienced people with knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry.


It is our ambition to strengthen and further develop our long-term relationships with current and future customers in the pharma, biotech and food industry. Relationships based on professionalism, mutual trust and respect.


It is our mission to interact with all our customers in the same professional manner, with competence and professionalism. To ensure quality of our work, we will constantly develop each employee’s knowledge by continuously developing their skills and knowledge. Along with our expertise we will continuously optimize internal processes in order to ensure that we deliver what we promise to agreed time, quality and economy.


We want to be known as honest, responsible, ambitious and innovative - and this is reflected in our way of working.

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Kurt Christensen

Kurt Christensen

Partner & CEO
Martin N. Madsen

Martin N. Madsen

Partner & CTO